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Through researching professional magazines I was able to understand how to design my magazine covers double page spreads and contents pages, but more importantly why certain measures are taken in the design process. I started by looking at the mastheads from different issues of British Vogue. I found a fundamental pattern between each issue which was the use of the colour red for the masthead and overall colour palet used. This became an extremely interesting idea when getting results back from my research on my mastheads that over sixty-six percent of people that voted in the survey put down the colour red as their favrioute choice. This meant my prediction and research was successful, but also vital to the outcome and the quality of my masthead. Looking at the models on different covers, I found that they where all  looking into the camera when the photograph was shot. I subsequently learnt that the reason for this was to draw attention to the magazine on the news-stand, which therefore would increase sales of the magazine. For this reason I assured the photographs of the model on my front covers where looking directly into the camera. In my research into British Vogue I also looked at the similarities and differences between the regular and subscriber issue covers. I found the subscriber cover to be much more minimal because it is not a matter of selling the magazine because it has already been sold to a reader. This means that when creating a subscriber cover you have much more creative freedom. This is something I would harness when creating my covers. Whereas creating a standard cover you need to design it like you would when designing an advert, selling the magazine with information about what to expect in the issue. Again something I adopted when creating my own covers. Before creating my double page spread design I decided to research double page spreads from different magazines covering fashion. I looked at the overall layout, colour scheme, fonts, font sizes, and pictures. This gave me inspiration when creating my design. However, I found the design theme I liked the most was from British Vogue, so I researched the fonts they used and colours. Then I chose the story, Pam Hogg as I went to her show to see the SS19 collection for London Fashion Week.