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Bad Lip-reading Assignment


For this assignment we were tasked with creating a bad lip-reading video inspired by the YouTube channel, Bad Lip-reading. We were given a stock footage video of members of the public being interviewed and we had to change what they were saying into something entertaining and/or humorous. For me this assignment was particularly difficult. This was because I find it extremely difficult to read someone's lips so naturally, so reading it from a video isn’t any easier. However to overcome this hurdle I decided to undertake more research into what a bad lip-reading video should look like on YouTube. I then decided to watch various tutorials on how to make a successful video, In particular Tyler Haberer, as he goes quite in depth but he also uses Premiere Pro to show his example, which is the same software I used to edit my video, which was very familiar to me. He also explained how to accurately read a video and create a script for when you record the speech. This was the most useful aspect of my research because I found the reading lips from a video part extremely difficult. After we came up with a script and organised what order we were recording and who was speaking we went to a small enclosed room where there was no echo. This was because we wanted a clean sounding recording so that it gives us the maximum amount of opportunity to manipulate our sounds in post production. In the process of recording or sounds was relatively easy because we had already planned exactly what we were going to do in pre-production before production happened. In production we also used the video as a reference to what we were recording, this was because we could accurately time what we were saying along with the timing of the video. This was something Tyler Haberer mentioned to do in his video which helped massively in post production, as once we had edited the sounds all we had to do was drop them into Premiere Pro and line them up. The editing process was the part I found was the easiest part of the assignment, as I was very familiar with this stage of the production. Overall this assignment was both extremely difficult and surprisingly easy. However the final product was of bad quality. If I was going to do this assignment again I would concentrate more on the pre-production and write a much stronger script. In my opinion we missed the key ingredient to making this task successful which was having a strong script. It was extremely boring and wasn’t particularly humorous. I would have also possibly experimented with looking a different videos and combining them to create and the illusion that they're talking, like in the Donald Trump Bad Lip-reading video on YouTube.

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