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BFI Statistical Yearbook

what does the yearbook suggest about viewing habits among UK film audiences?

The statistics show that audiences across the UK view more hollywood productions to any other. However it is interesting to see that correlation between UK /USA co-productions are very similar. Most of the top 20 films released in the UK are also considered a UK film.

What were the most popular films in UK cinemas last year and what types of films(gengres age certificate, film studio) are most popular with UK audiences?

UK film goers are in most cases very similar to the US in that the most popular genres of films are either scifi, action, or superhero films. Looking at the data across all of the table it is very clear to see Avengers is a big hit. However, looking at the UK independant films Johnny English Strikes Again a purley action film is the second highest grossing film. Followed by early man, widows and sparrow. However, what is also interesting is that family friendly films are a big success Johnny English rated only a PG and Early man being a U. It shows more and more families are choosing the cinema as a family day out or treat.

What UK films are most popular with audiences and what insight does the yearbook provide into the UK film industry?

It is interesting to analyse the top grossing films in the UK however, it is important to understand that those films may not be the favrioute films for cinema goers nor are they particularly good movies. The top grossing films normally comes down to the marketing of the film, so very successful film needs the whole combination.

Are there some films on the yearbook that you are surprised are considered British?

Alot of the films popular in the UK are also considered UK films however they are an UK/USA co-production. This often means the production companys and distributer are US companys, however filming is taken place within the UK. This is because it is a-lot cheaper to make a film in the UK and we have some of the best facilities in the world. However it is still odd the films with an all american cast and crew are still considered British.

How are the UK films categorised and what are some of the differences between films in different categories?

In the UK the film industry is minuscule compare to the American film industry, however the UK make some of the best quality films in the world. One reason for this is the amount of money filmakers have to make a film is tiny compare to US films so it means indicate planning is required to ensure the film is a success.

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