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Contextual Analysis Reflection

Completing a contextual analysis on professional documentary was fascinating to discover what goes into making them, and the techniques that are used to captivate and engage an audience. From my analysis I have discovered that I need make sure I use all or relevant techniques in the production of my documentary so that I can keep it entertaining but also informative so I can stick to the relevant subject matter. Based on my analysis I have also found that depending on my the subject, I need to research every aspect of what I want to include in my documentary. I also need to be careful so that I get my facts and statistics from reliable sources so my documentary is in itself a reliable source. I need to make sure I pick I documentary mode that will fit my target audience and subject matter, so that I can accurately create a style that is consistent throughout my film. When I go on to do my research I am also going to research both sides of the story. This means that even if I decide to do a biased documentary I can understand why its biased and implement relevant facts and statistics against the argument where it should be necessary. Through my contextual analysis of Mcqueen in particular I noticed that It uses lots of shots and interviews, just to create a minute or a few minutes at the start to captivate the audience. So when I do my story board or shot schedule I want to make sure I obtain enough shots and imagery so that I can create the same affect in my documentary. Overall, when researching my chosen topic I need to make sure I research in depth using reliable resources only. I also need to make sure I research different modes and techniques that I can implement into my documentary. I need to do this so I can create a style and narrative that is gripping and entertaining to an audience. Finally I know I need to plan out my time very carefully so that all tasks are completed systematically.

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