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Foley Assignment


Upon creating our sounds we were given stock footage which happened to be a silent Justin Timberlake music video. This meant that our first task was to watch the video through several times and then to make a list of all the sounds in the video that we would need to record. This was difficult as particularly in music videos the shots have a very short duration, this meant that we needed to rewatch the video over and over until we had made sure we got every sound, from the rustling of a subject's clothes to the sound of someone placing a mug on a table. The video starts with a shot outside of a sign, so the first sound we recorded was a consistent level of outside ambience, trying to get a few car noises in the background. After that we moved onto record all the footsteps and sounds made with shoes. We started by recording two takes of someone gently stepping on a concrete pavement, then someone stepping harder. Once we had recorded a sufficient amount that we thought we needed we recorded the scraping of a shoe in different variations including pitch, duration and surface. We did this to ensure we had enough sounds to have a range of choices to produce a video that is more accurate. We then went inside, in an small enclosed room to record the rustling of clothes, squeaky shoes, water from a tap and someone eating and clapping. We used a small room so that the sounds would create less echo, meaning we would have a cleaner sound so that we would have more options to manipulate the sound in post production. In post-production it was easy to organise each recording because we said which sound and take we were recording in the clip before actually making our sound, like a clapperboard in film. However when importing and editing the sound recordings in Adobe Audition I experienced a few problems. Audition as a software was still quite new to me so getting to grips with arranging and organising my files I found to be quite challenging. I also found that with the majority of my recordings all I needed to edit was the volume and sometimes the pitch. Both of which features I can edit in Premiere Pro as well. So I decided to import my audio files into premiere pro and continue editing them from there. I found this to be a lot easier as I could also match up the sound with the video to see if the recordings looked the right way of the video. However, with projects that require more attention to detail in terms of sound, I will definitely use Audition because it is an incredibly powerful piece of software, but for this specific project I didn’t feel using Audition was necessary.

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