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HND Personal Statement

Media doesn’t interest me. The values media can portray is what is most exciting. The ability to influence someone’s opinion or lifestyle with media I find is deeply interesting and is why I feel media truly rules the world.

I believe it is important to read or watch news channels daily because the media industry changes so rapidly. That is why my favrioute part of the industry is the film television sector because there is so much innovation taking place. With the invention of new technologies such as VR and 3D special effects, when partaking on your course I hope to experiment with different mediums of storytelling that wouldn’t normally be in the realms of an everyday person my age. I have never used any VR equipment, however I am extremely confident using Adobe After effects, premiere pro and Cinema 4D, so it will be something I should find very familiar.

Other than film I am also deeply interested in publishing and is an era of the industry that I am considering going into after completing your course. I love the idea of the combination of the text and graphics to not only tell a valid story but also to create something that a viewer can physically touch and feel, that and something that is visually beautiful.

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