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Infographic Reflection

I found creating my infographic not only fascinating but extremely beneficial for me in understanding not only the scale, but the impact the two film industries have on their country’s culture, and the rest of the world. What I was most surprised about was the sheer scale of the US film industry in comparison to the UK one. What I wanted to show in my infographic was the direct link or difference between each element of the industry, from cinema screens to the funding methods. This meant I tried to show statistics that were almost a direct equivalent between the two industries. A piece of information that I found particularly interesting was the comparison between the top production company in the UK and that of the US. It shows the amount of employees working for them, with the UK one (Working Title) having just 200 employees compared to the infamous NBC Universal conglomarate, with over 180,000 employees, it shows not only the scale in which these companies operate, but also how each industry operates. After conducting more research into why these two statistics have such a vast gap between them, it is obviously down to how the films are made. In the UK, most people working on a film will be freelancing their service meaning they are not attached to a specific company. However, because this figure only shows employees and not freelancers and employees, this figure is false in showing the size of the industry because a vast part of the workforce is unaccounted for. And the industries both cross between each with us/uk co-productions so it can be difficult to accurately obtain a correct figure when the industries are so linked in so many ways. Another statistic that was brought to my attention as being something that stood out was the amount of cinema screens in each country. in the US there are ten times as many screens then here in the UK. This just shows how influential the film industry must be in US to clearly a population that still values going to the cinema. Another way of looking at it would how well the film industry in the UK actually does. With so few screens in the UK, in comparison to the US, yet still a very successful and booming industry, this statistic proves the quality of films being released. This is because having yet so few screens but so much money that is still made from the UK viewers, it shows the level of appreciation the UK population still has for cinema, and respect for art and good filmmaking. The UK is so similar to US in so many ways, but the US will always have a bigger film industry. A bigger population and bigger budget for films, they will still continue to create bigger and better films for years to come.

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