• Henry M Green

Initial Thoughts On The Brief

We have been tasked with three options to create a media product. Those being a 4 - 8 minute documentary, A cross platform advertising campaign, or a radio drama or documentary. Comparing all three options including the positives and negatives of choosing each one, personally I feel a documentary would be an interesting product to make. I also feel through past experience it would suite my skill set and I would be able to learn and improve my filmaking capabilities. However making a documentary requires a critical amount of research to understand the topic of choice in depth, but also a vast amount of pre-production in terms of shot sizes, equipment sourcing, storyboards, shooting scripts and gaining permission to film. However, before pre-production can take place, I first need to research different structures and styles of documentaries. Then I would need to research in depth the subject, including the history, statistics, and professionals that have influence in my chosen topic.

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