• Henry M Green


I took a gamble on how I would prepare my pitch because I feel I best describe what i am feeling and my point of view on particular topics when I am asked questions. This meant in preparation for my pitch I decided to bullet point questions and reminds to talk about instead of having information that I just read off cue cards or on slides. This is something I had not done before so it was going to be both interesting and something I may learn from. Alongside my notes I created a powerpoint slide with visual representation of what I was talking about, this included screenshots, and bullet pointed text that I could reference to throughout my pitch. I also felt that I would be more comfortable when doing it because it would be like having a conversation with someone without them talking. As a conclusion on my pitch I thought it was very successful, I thought I was able to get across all the information I wanted to show and felt that my system of using notes and questions alongside a slideshow worked very well and something I was extremely comfortable doing.

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In marketing, word-of-mouth is the most secure way of selling products. However, for a very long time, this method has not translated efficiently from a localised set-up to a global marketplace. That

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