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Posters Evaluation

I started with creating my UK film poster and then moving on to the US one. I started with the UK poster because I had more of an idea as to what I wanted it to look like and I felt I was most confident at portraying the style of UK poster in coordination with my skill set. Upon starting my UK poster I decided to mind map simple elements I was certain on using in my design. I knew I wanted to convey Mcqueen In a light that shows his attention for design and the way his company is branded. This meant researching his brand (Alexander Mcqueen) and their logos etc. I was able to find the font that they predominantly used throughout their advertising campaigns, (Escrow). So this was the main font I wanted to use for the title. The film is based around the designers childhood, education and how he developed into the designer he was known for, ending with his tragic death. The fundamental point of the story is what I knew I needed to portray in the poster. In doing this I decided to caption a piece of text at the top of the poster describing “Before he was alexander”, then as your eyes scroll down the page it has the title “Lee Mcqueen”. In my opinion this is one of the most important aspects of the poster because it describes what the films storyline is going to be about, As before he was successful in fashion people called him by his first name “Lee”, until Isabella Blow, a notable figure in fashion at the time, suggested that he should use his middle name “Alexander”. I found this extremely interesting and thought it would look clever in showing the story on the poster. Beneath the title I then decided to show the talent that will be in the film as this is a huge selling point. Looking into my research showing the cast on the poster is fundamental to gaining an audience’s attention. Often a group of people will go to watch a film because it has their favorite actors in it over what the film is about. This was something I was going to ensure went on my poster. Moving down I wanted to put the release date on the poster. This isn't always something that is used on a poster or sometimes abbreviated to a season for example (In theatres this christmas). However I thought it would be important to have the release date coincide with what the story was about so I decided to use the birthdate of Mcqueen March 17th. This could be considered cliche, but I think it’s necessary as an homage to Mcqueen. Below that I then showed a short but punchy review quoting the Telegraph with the number of stars out of five. This is another factor in film posters that can draw an audience in, however is not always used. For example, in the US you don’t see this as much as UK films do. Moving on to my US poster, I first set out by researching different styles according to the genre. My film is a comedy, set in the year 2030, trump is still in power and has achieved a global monopoly on all trade, Russia, China and North Korea decide to invade the US, the film is then based around the US reclaiming their homeland. This film is inspired by films like the death of stalin and Hail Caesar so I found it was important to base my design around what those film posters looked like. This was to ensure I conveyed the same style and genre of film as they show. I started by looking at the general layout of a number of films in the same genre and style as mine. I found most films of the same genre had a predominantly red and white colour palette with often a minimal design in a grid like format. Using the film Burn after reading by the coen brothers, I decided to map out a similar design in the style of the grid, with the main actors pictures in it. I decided to use the colours of the USA flag because that is what the film is about and based upon. Furthermore making the colour of the grid blue. But keeping the background white basing my decision on evidence from my research. I felt it was also important to show clear differences and similarities between both designs in order to clearly state the types of films both industries would be producing. Both posters depict a review on each design however use different fonts and are graphically arranged differently. Although each poster is very different in a-lot of ways in terms of design, style, colour, and composition of elements. The core structure and aspects of each poster are very similar, inferring both industries aren't actually that different.

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