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WRITER(s): Henry Green

ROLES/INDIVIDUAL NAMES: Director - Henry Green

DATE: 24/0419

Henry Green will produce an 8 minute documentary on the theme of sustainability within the fashion industry aimed at an audience aged between 9-85 who would like other media such as other documentaries regarding climate change. Or documentaries on fashion. This documentary will combine both aspects to create an equally opinionated one. There Occupation would be of all job types as climate change/global warming affects all people. They would live anywhere as long as they understood English, as the documentary is written and shown in English. They would need no prior knowledge of issues relating to climate change or the fashion industry as my documentary plans to highlight everything someone would need to know about the contribution the fashion industry has on climate change.

Programme/production planning will be completed by 28/0419. This will be filmed/produced by 3/06/19, shooting schedule/creation will last for 36 days and rough edit/first draft will be available by 5/06/19 for you to review. We also plan to undertake a sample viewing on the N/A. Final submission will be submitted on DVD/CD ROM on 7/06/19

The programme will be shot/produced on Adobe Premiere Pro 13.1 using 1920 x 1080 Full HD in HVEC file format. Electronic backup copy will be in HVEC14 Specialist equipment and resources required to complete this production are A Canon 750d camera, 50mm lens, 10-18mm lens, Rode video mic, boom-pole, steadicam, tripod, shoulder-rig, clapperboard, and a sufficient fund for public transportation.

According to our findings, we are going to base our programme idea on a poetic mode with a fast paced shot sequence. There will be no main character but an main theme. The documentary will be shot with various different interviewees from all backgrounds. However they will need to have knowledge or experience in the fashion industry or knowledge of climate change and the impact fashion has on the environment. Similar products that have influenced the approach are, Mcqueen and Exit Through The Gift Shop, see research for detail analysis of these existing/related products. Our USP/development we wish to put over to target audiences is combining the fashion industry with the idea of climate change, and the role and responsibility the industry has towards it, as the industry is the second biggest contributor to this global catastrophe. However I also want to show all aspects of the fashion industry, including the high fashion and haute couture side, which in all other documentaries that have been published on the fashion/climate change crossover, have been left out. This will appeal to a vast audience because through research we understand that billions are spent on fashion each year. We also know that millions of people are often unaware of how, what and where their clothes are made and are also unaware of how the fashion industry is actively contributing to climate change. This means the aims of the documentary will be met.

The programme/product budget will be approximately £500 see breakdown budget with local rates.

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