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Research Proposal

Title of Investigation: Rise of the media moguls: How social media influencers are changing the way we promote products.


Social media influencers can provide insight into modern advertising techniques particularly through social media platforms and how they have propelled a new digital age of consumerism. It is through this way of working that companies, celebrities and global marketing has changed its way of working to reach vast audiences across the world and boost publicity. Despite this, little is known about the financial aspects and logistics around the way influencers work. The communication between brands and influential individuals means there are vast pay gaps, huge discrepancy in perks and lack of consistency across this type of employment. I am hoping to prove through my findings how this way of advertising is central to brand promotion and the affects that the use of social media influencers through their platforms can completely change a brands financial stance, shape the ethos and values, and aid rapid growth in crowded markets. Furthermore, it is my belief that more should be known about the way many now are persuaded to buy new products and I hope to discover in particular why luxury fashion houses that have historically remained exclusive, have now chosen to use social media influencers to change the way they advertise.

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