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Sitcom Research Reflection

Updated: May 1, 2020

So far I think the project is going relatively well. I am still new to sitcoms as I have only seen two fully, (Gavin and Stacey, and This Country), and have seen a few episodes of the Inbertweeners. I did feel I was much more confident in terms of my understanding of what sitcoms are for and about, after completing my research. I started by doing a timeline of the most popular and most successful sitcoms in British history. It was interesting because there were a lot of shows that I didn’t realise came under the sitcom umbrella, for example Black Adder. It was also a crucial part of my research because I could analyse how sitcoms have changed or not changed over time. It's interesting to see that the core values and purpose of a sitcom hasn’t dramatically changed since the first production, Pinwright's Progress in 1946. The main aspect of the sitcom that has endured is being able to relate to an audience in conjunction with the times in society. The comedy has changed massively, but looking at sitcoms as a marketing point of view producers are still using the same techniques of that as they did in 1946. I found this side of my research deeply fascinating and is something I want to bear in mind when I come to creating ideas for my sitcom and what types of characters I want to portray. It will also be deeply important in the production of my main title sequence because it will influence the final outcome of the piece greatly.

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