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Sitcom Idea Generation Reflection

Going into the pre-production for my title sequence I am feeling confident that I will be able to produce something that is close to what I want to make, that is informed by my research. I have chosen to do a sitcom that is set in a comic book shop tucked away in the heart of Brighton. The sitcom will explore the dynamic between customers frequent and not, and the relationship between the staff that work there. I want to have a similar style of show to something like the inbetweeners or the office, but with more of a mockumentary feel to it, like it could be a real life story. I feel I should do this in order to attract my target audience and so that the sitcom can relate to a lot of people. After completing the reverse storyboard task I feel I was able to get a real understanding for what goes into making a title sequence. Particularly in the inbetweeners title sequence, there were a lot of hidden elements that you may not have seen just by watching it casually. This would be in the form of flashes of colour, or particular animations that were too quick to notice. By analysing it thoroughly I feel I was able to get a sense of all the elements I would need in my title sequence, meaning I can plan and prepare for it with greater conviction. The only doubt I have is with when it comes to using the Adobe After Effects Program, I feel an animation using this software would be best suited to my idea. However, I am unfamiliar with the software and will need to learn elements of the software to ensure the production runs smoothly and on time. I feel by running tests now, I can learn what could work realistically so I can plan each frame out properly in a storyboard. Overall, I think the project so far has gone extremely well, and I have felt that I have learnt a great deal, through my research, on sitcoms and how they are made to attract a target audience. However, I will try to plan my pre-production very carefully so that the production process runs smoothly.

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