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WRITER: Henry Green

DATE: 24/04/19

The programme will open with shots of the countryside and farm animals. In particular cows and sheep, as these animals are both used in the process of making luxury goods. I will then go on to V.O a brief overview of the history of fashion and French couture using predominantly archival footage. In the start of the documentary I want to present it to the audience as a documentary on fashion rather than the negative impact of the industry so that I can build tension throughout the film and slam down in a impactful scene further in on the documentary. This part of the documentary I want to present as being incredibly poetic with lots of exposition shots of couture and garments along, with shots of nature and wildlife combining the two to create something that seems like a fantasy towards the viewer. Then introducing Interviewees and experts within the fashion and textiles industry. The general storyline will be how fashion is an art and is of beautiful elegance, and this is the reason lots of people go into the fashion industry. Once I have achieved a grounded overview on the fashion industry, in particular the art of the industry I then want to introduce the idea of fast fashion. This will be in the form of television news broadcasts of negative nature. At various news articles in fast succession of each other to dramatise the situation to the audience. I am then going to introduce climate change protesters into the mix. In the form of interviews, I want to first of all get there opinion on the fashion industry, in particular, fast fashion. And what they know about the negative implication the industry has on the environment. All this whilst educating the viewer on certain ways the fast fashion side of the fashion industry is directly contributing to climate change/global warming. I finally want to end the documentary with introducing the experts and interviewees that work in the fashion industry back into the film to give their opinion on fast fashion what they know on the environmental impact it has. The action will be enhanced by appropriate use of visual and sound effects. I have split up the documentary narrative into four parts, naming each part after a season. So I want to include Vivaldi’s the four seasons throughout the documentary as I find it quite ironic to the subject matter.

The programme will be shot on HD format and will cost approximately £500

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