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University, Apprenticeship, and HND Comparison

All three pathways after completing level 3 Media Production are fantastic routes I could take to break into the media industry. However, with my skill set and current state of mind I feel I would best suite going to university. This is because I want to go on and specialise in fashion and the way fashion uses media for promotion through advertising. I also think going to University will be a great opportunity for me to have time to delve deep into research on the history of fashion and how art, media, and pop culture have influenced the industry until now. An alternative would be looking to complete an apprenticeship. I feel an apprenticeship would also be beneficial for me as I can learn and get payed at the same time. It can also be extremely beneficial because the can be various different situations where networking with people in the industry can be extremely easy. This could be very beneficial because networking is particularly important within the fashion and media industries. I have also thought about considering a HND however either you are the type of person that dosen’t mind doing research or working to be assessed or you are someone that would be more successful going straight into a job, so on that basis I decided to rule that option out. Overall I feel choosing the route of going to university will be the most beneficial to my career in the long run. It will also teach me to understand living like an adult away from home in accommodation. The other reason for doing university is because the field and job in which I want to go down is quite particular it means by doing a bachelors degree in that field it will enable me to get a job in that field, rather than an apprenticeship which could include quite a broad direction of work.

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