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University Courses

Central Saint Martins is the most prestigious art school for bachelors degrees in the world. This means getting a place at this university is extremely difficult with an expectance rate less then that of oxford and cambridge. To get onto the course you need to complete three stages of application. First I will need to achieve at-least a pass at UAL Extended Diploma in Art, Design & Media. Then I will have to submit a mini portfolio containing 20 pages of my best work. If you are successful in that stage there is then a full portfolio review, followed by an interview. I feel I would suit this course because I have a strong interest in fashion but also the use of media within the fashion industry. Particularly film and photography. But I am also interested in the journalism side and is something I am open and willing to learn. This course offers tutorials not only into the media behind fashion but the theory and art behind the industry. Art and creating something that is new and unique is something that is strongly looked for in this course making it the most challenging out of the three I am looking at. It is also based in London meaning I would have to live in London and possibly commute by tube. However this is something I don’t necessarily want to do If i can help it.



Fashion Promotion and Imaging is very similar to the communication course at central saint martins however it focuses more heavily on creating contemporary imagery to promote fashion rather than general communication skills. On that basis I feel this course would be best suited to me because I have a strong interest in photography and film. Not like the fashion photography course that Is restricting to just photographes this course will offer me the opportunity to use professional equipment and studios to create content that could be considered art under the right circumstance but more importantly professional and work that I could use in my portfolio. Like central saint martins this course is extremely difficult to get on to because it is in the top ten in the world. However, the environment of the university is less strict and will offer more freedom to be productive in my creative work. The university is based in Epsom in surrey, so this could mean that I could commute to the campus very easily, and dosen’t require the need to live and commute in London, but is only twenty minutes from London so it could make it very easy to conduct research or visit exhibitions and networking events. The course entry requirements is merit at UAL extended diploma and a personal statement and portfolio. However unlike central saint martins or london college of fashion it only requires one interview and one portfolio review so it is a-lot friendlier in the approach.



After completing and achieving a level 9 in GCSE photography, photography has always been a strong passion of mine. I am extremely comfortable using film and digital camera equipment so I feel this course would suit my skillset strongly. Like central saint martins, London College of Fashion is under the UAL university. However this course I feel would be my third option because it is restricting me to just creating still photographs. Something I am still extremely interested in and will have alot of fun doing, however I feel being given the freedom to explore different mediums like film and illustration is extremely important as a creative. And the ability to combine different mediums within work.



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