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Universities are a great way to get into the media industry particularly if you are unsure on what specific role you want to do. This means at universities you get the opportunity to explore lots of different roles within the industry for better or for worse. However, this also means when you have finished studying you will be given a wide range of jobs that you could apply for. Going to university can also be extremely beneficial for people that like education and want to continue in the system. Depending on the university by studying a media, if your work is exceptional, it can mean you could receive publicity by the university, which result in a boost to social media status or publicity for your work to professionals within the industry. University is also good for an individual that likes to be challenged and when creating a piece of work likes someone to question why and what the work is about. Although the majority of university course subjects are fairly broad it is still important to do research into what each course offers and wether it is suitable for the individual. The other downside to doing a university degree is that it costs a-lot of money particularly if you choose to live in halls or rented accommodation.



Apprenticeships are fantastic in spring boarding you chance of employment. In an apprenticeship you get paid whilst you are working. This can be great for individuals that want to get real world experience within the media industry but also need an income alongside it. Apprenticeships are also extremely valuable particular in media in networking and getting to know professionals within the industry. This can be extremely useful when applying for jobs or knowing about opportunities. However, by applying for an apprenticeship it often means you will be assigned a specific job role, so before applying you need to have a clear vision on exactly what you want to do for a career. It dosen’t mean that once you have completed the apprenticeship you can’t explore different area’s relating to your apprenticeship however it will be more difficult to make a radical change then doing a university or hnd course. One downside to doing an apprenticeship in media is that the majority of the best ones are in the big cities like London or brighton. This is fine if you live there, but if you live in the countryside or somewhere that requires the use of public transport, it can make it difficult and expensive to get to work. Unlike doing a university degree or hnd which both offer student and rented accommodation options.



A HND is an alternative to a degree however the duration of the course is shorter and it is often a-lot more cost affective. Reasons being that the cost of the course is a-lot less then a bachelors degree and it is also cheaper in living costs particularly the one at chichester because you would not need accommodation. It has the same entry requirements then any other university degree course. A hnd is also a very effective way of breaking into the media industry because the course is only two years, after graduating you will be a year ahead of people graduating from universities meaning you could potentially be earning money quicker. There is also an opportunity to specialise in a particular field within media in the second year meaning upon graduating you will have a portfolio of work that can be related to the job you are applying for.


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